Papa Ajasco

Papa Ajasco and Company (formerly The Ajasco Family) is a Nigerian family television sitcom created by Wale Adenuga in 1996. The show is a spin-off of a feature film of the same title produced by Wale Adenuga in 1984, which in turn is based on the comic Ikebe Super. The story revolves around the Ajasco family and their comedic interpretations to major societal issues. The main characters include womanising patriarch Papa Ajasco, his long-suffering wife Mama Ajasco, their mischievous son Bobo Ajasco, local playboy Boy Alinco, promiscuous gold-digger Miss Pepeiye, and illiterate ne'er-do-wells Pa James and Pa Jimoh. At its prime, Papa Ajasco was widely considered to be Nigeria's most watched comedy series, viewed weekly in twelve African countries.

Papa Ajasco
Country of originNigeria
Original languageEnglish
Production locationNigeria
Running time30 minutes
Production companyWale Adenuga Production
Original networkWAP TV
Original release1996 (1996) –
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Adenuga released Papa Ajasco movie in 1983, which was one of Golden Age Nollywood productions. He stated in an interview that the title character was motivated from the lead role in Ikebe Super. Adenuga began producing and airing the television series as Ajasco Family in 1996.[1]

Character descriptionsEdit

  • Papa Ajasco: A promiscuous bald-headed husband, who often hits his head when astonished at an event.[2]
  • Pa James: An elderly man, who usually expresses himself in unintelligent ways.
  • Boy Alinco: A narcissistic young man, who has a signature mode of walking.
  • Miss Pepeiye: A materialistic young lady
  • Bobo Ajasco: Son of Papa and Mams Ajasco


Papa Ajasco television series is widely watched across families in Nigeria.[3] In 2010, it debuted in Ghana through Ghana Television and was reputed to being the "best comedy on television" in the country.[4] It also won Kwame Nkrumah Leadership Award in Accra.[5] A survey conducted by Pulse Nigeria revealed that "Papa Ajasco" character was the most loved with 29.2% of the votes, closely followed by "Boy Alinco" and "Pa James".[6] Papa Ajasco is watched weekly across twenty terrestrial stations in Nigeria and in eleven African countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Guinea. In 2013, several additions were made to the cast of new episodes including Femi Brainard, Niyi Johnson and Henrietta Kosoko[7][8]


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