Paolo Lucio Anafesto

Paolo Lucio Anafesto (Latin: Paulucius Anafestus) was, according to tradition, the first Doge of Venice, serving from 697 to 717.

Paolo Lucio Anafesto
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A noble of Eraclea, then the primary city of the region, he was elected in 697 as an official over the entire lagoon that surrounded Venice. His job was to both put an end to the conflicts between the various tribunes who until then had governed the differing parts and to coordinate the defense against the Lombards and the Slavs who were encroaching on their settlements. However, Anafesto's existence is uncorroborated by any source before the 11th century.


According to John Julius Norwich, Paolo Lucio Anafesto was actually Exarch Paul. Moreover, Paul's magister militum had the same first name as Paoluccio's reputed successor, Marcellus Tegallianus, casting doubt on the authenticity of that doge as well.[1]


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Political offices
New title Doge of Venice
Succeeded by
Marcello Tegalliano