Panther Creek Falls

Panther Creek Falls is a 130-foot (40 m) waterfall on Panther Creek in the Wind River Valley in Skamania County, Washington. The waterfall consists of two drops, with the largest at a height of 102 feet (31 m).[1] The waterfall is perennial.

Panther Creek Falls
Panther Creek Falls.jpg
A view of Panther Creek Falls from ground level
LocationSkamania County, Washington
Coordinates45°52′02″N 121°49′39″W / 45.86735°N 121.82755°W / 45.86735; -121.82755Coordinates: 45°52′02″N 121°49′39″W / 45.86735°N 121.82755°W / 45.86735; -121.82755
TypeTiered Horsetail
Elevation1,679 feet (512 m)
Total height130 feet (40 m)
Number of drops2
Longest drop102 feet (31 m)
flow rate
150 cu ft/s (4.2 m3/s)


The waterfall and the creek which leads up to it are accessible by a trail maintained by the Forest Service. In addition to the maintained trail, a viewing deck was constructed at the end of the trail which can see the main, horsetail portion of the waterfall. However, those that wish to see the final, 30-foot (9.1 m) drop need to leave the trail.[1]


The waterfall is produced by Panther Creek approaching a cliff and then sharply making a turn. Some of the water rushes too quickly and falls over the side prematurely at the bend, but the majority of the water follows the creek until it reaches a natural trough which then drops off. At the dropoff, the horsetail begins the first tier of the waterfall, which drops 102 feet (31 m). After this, a 30-foot (9.1 m) drop concludes the waterfall and the creek continues.[1]


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