Panga Cliff (Estonian: Panga pank) (also Mustjala cliff) is a coastal cliff located on the northern shore of Saaremaa, at the end of the Kuressaare - Võhma road, close to Panga village. It is the highest of the Saaremaa and Muhu cliffs, reaching a height of 20 meters (66 ft).[1] The entire cliff is approximately 2.5 km long.[2]

Panga cliff viewed from the sea.
Geologists studying the Jaani Formation (Silurian, Wenlock) at Panga Cliff, Estonia.

Panga cliff consists of at least three terraces. Besides the main cliff, there is a smaller cliff located further inland, as well as an underwater cliff with height about 10–12 meters (33–39 ft) jutting a few hundred meters into the sea.


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Coordinates: 58°34′13″N 22°17′17″E / 58.570177°N 22.287998°E / 58.570177; 22.287998