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Pampa Ilusión (Illusion of Pampa) is a Chilean telenovela produced by TVN. It was written by Víctor Carrasco, Larissa Contreras, María José Galleguillos and Alexis Moreno. Directed by Vicente Sabatini.

Pampa Ilusión
Written by
  • Víctor Carrasco
  • Larissa Contreras
  • María José Galleguillos
  • Alexis Moreno
Directed byVicente Sabatini
Opening theme"Y tenía un lunar" (Felipe Casas)
Country of originChile
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes114
Original networkTVN
First shown inAtacama Desert, 2001



In the Atacama Desert, lies the Pampa saltpeter (Nitrate) illusion that after years of economic boom, faces an uncertain future due to global crisis.

The owner of this office is Mr. William Clark (Héctor Noguera), an English-born businessman despot whose sole purpose is to live his last years in peace. But this is prevented by the arrival of his daughter Agnes (Claudia di Girolamo), a doctor who is not known for having out of his life when he was just a newborn, just for being women. She will come to discover the reasons for the exile and humiliation suffered by his mother thirty years before, and to find out all the details take a double life: by day disguised as a man and calls himself "Dr. Florencio Aguirre" night takes its true personality as Agnes Clark.

Under the shadow of William, lives Manuel (Francisco Melo), his son (and unknowingly, younger brother of Agnes), a weak and insecure, that will make everything possible so that your father did not learn of the terrible economic situation Illusion Pampa lives, he will spend life trying to please his father, who treats it as useless.

Then there is Jose Miguel Inostroza (Francisco Reyes), Clark's right arm, an exemplary employee who will do what your employer tells you, even things that should not be. Obedience of this is affected by the arrival of Agnes, who falls in love.




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