Pallas Projects/Studios

The Pallas Projects/Studios (PP/S, Pallas Studios, Pallas Contemporary Projects) is an artist-run and non-commercial gallery and studio space in Dublin, Ireland.

Pallas Projects/Studios
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Pallas Projects/Studios is located in Central Dublin
Pallas Projects/Studios
Location within Central Dublin
Established1996 (1996)
Location115–117 The Coombe, The Liberties, Dublin 8, Ireland
Coordinates53°20′21″N 6°16′36″W / 53.3390815°N 6.2767231°W / 53.3390815; -6.2767231Coordinates: 53°20′21″N 6°16′36″W / 53.3390815°N 6.2767231°W / 53.3390815; -6.2767231
TypeContemporary art gallery
FounderMark Cullen, Brian Duggan
DirectorMark Cullen, Gavin Murphy


Pallas Projects was founded in 1996. The founders of Pallas say its survival is owed to “a stubborn willingness to adapt and transform”.[1][2]

Projects and exhibitionsEdit

Offside was a 2005 project in The Hugh Lane and included works by Albano Afonso, Antistrot, Anna Boyle, Rhona Byrne, Mark Cullen, Brian Duggan, John Dummet, Brendan Earley, Andreas Gefeller, Niamh McCann, Alex McCullagh, Nina McGowan, Nathaniel Mellors, Clive Murphy, Adriette Myburgh, Cris Neumann, Paul O’Neill, Garrett Phelan, Abigail Reynolds, Mark Titchner, Rich Streitmatter-Tran. It also had two off-site locations, including a partially inhabited public housing apartment building – the exhibitions in this location were titled: Pallas Heights.[2]

In 2009 Pallas hosted a solo exhibition by Stephanie Syjuco called Unsolicited Fabrications: Shareware Sculptures, in which the artist made sculptures from Google SketchUp models out of cheap materials.[3]

The Future is Self-Organised – Artist-Run Spaces was an exhibition curated by Pallas Projects at the Limerick City Gallery of Art. A number of artist-run spaces and projects from Ireland and abroad were represented, as well as artists who have worked with Pallas over its 20 year history, in this 2015–16 exhibition.[4]

Annual showEdit

Since 2010, Mark Cullen and Gavin Murphy, the directors of Pallas Projects, annually invite two curators to assist in a thematic survey show, titled: Periodical Review. It is ostensibly an exhibition of contemporary artistic activity in Ireland in the preceding year.[5][6]


Having had several locations in Dublin, the gallery and studio space is currently housed at the end of an alley in an old school building in the Coombe.[1]


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