Palestinian sweet lime

Citrus limettioides, Palestinian sweet lime or Indian sweet lime or common sweet lime, alternatively considered a cultivar of Citrus × limon, C. × limon 'Indian Lime',[1] is a low-acid lime used in Palestine for food, juice and rootstock. It is a member of the sweet limes. Like the Meyer lemon, it is the result of a cross between the citron (Citrus medica) and a mandarin/pomelo hybrid distinct from sweet and sour oranges.[2]

Palestinian sweet lime
Citrus limettioides - Palestine sweet lime.jpg
Scientific classification
C. limettioides
Binomial name
Citrus limettioides

Citrus medica L. var. limetta Wight & Arn.

It is distinct from the limetta which is sometimes also called sweet lime,[3][4] but derives from a citron/sour orange cross.


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A Palestinian sweet lime