Palamede Gattilusio

Palamede Gattilusio (c. 1389[1]-1455) was the Lord of Ainos from 1409 to his death, succeeding his great-uncle Niccolò. He was a younger son of Francesco II of Lesbos.

During the early years of his reign over Ainos, the city prospered, as attested by six inscriptions which survived into the 20th century. The churches of the Chrysopege and of St. Nicholas were erected at that time. It was also during his tenure that Samothrace came into the possession of the Gattilusio family, for when Bertrandon de la Broquiere visited Ainos in 1433, he wrote that Samothrace was part of Palamede's lands.[2]


He married a woman named Valentina and had six children:


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