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Pakistan Hindu council is the representative body of all Hindus of Pakistan.

Pakistan Hindu Council
Formation2005 (14 years ago) (2005)
TypeReligious organization
Legal statusFoundation
PurposeReligious studies, Spirituality, Social Reforms
Area served


The Pakistan Hindu Council was founded by the Ramesh Kumar Vankwani,Hindu activist and member of the National Assembly of Pakistan.[1] and was registered in 2005.[2]

Mission and OrganizationEdit

The Pakistan Hindu Council represents the Pakistani Hindu community on social and political issues and aims to protect the basic rights and freedoms, especially of worship and assembly, of Hindus all over Pakistan.[2]

PHC schoolsEdit

Currently, Pakistan Hindu Council is running 13 schools across Tharparkar District, where as many as 700 students are getting an education.[3]

Mass weddingEdit

The Pakistan Hindu Council organises mass wedding for poor Hindu couples annually.[4]Around 1,100 couples have tied the knot through these ceremonies over the last eleven years.[5]

Governing bodyEdit

The governing body has 15 seats, contested by the Hindus all over the Pakistan.[6]

Minority RightsEdit

The council champions the Hindu's minority rights and it has been in the news for raising these issues including against the kidnapping, rape and forced conversions of Hindu girls.[7][8]


The Pakistan Hindu Council is criticised for not not having adequate represention ofscheduled caste Hindus.[9] The Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) has about 2,000 Hindu members, of which only seven are from the scheduled caste.[10]

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