Pafawag (Państwowa Fabryka Wagonów) (English: National Rail Carriage Factory) is a Polish locomotive manufacturer based in Wrocław. The company became part of Adtranz in 1997 as Adtranz Pafawag, and in 2001 part of Bombardier Transportation. It is now part of the company Alstom.[1][2]

History edit

The factory opened in 1833 as Linke-Hofmann-Werke, Breslau, and became one of the major production centres for rolling stock in Europe.[3]

By the end of the Second World War most of the factory had been destroyed,[3] and after the War the city of Breslau became part of Poland.

In 1953 the company was renamed Pafawag.[4]

In 1953 the company produced the EP-02, the first Polish electric locomotive manufactured after World War II.

In the late 1980s to mid 1990s the company experienced increasing economic problems due to lack of orders causing loss of production and lower employment.[3]

In 1997 ABB DaimlerBenz Transportation (ADtranz) acquired a majority share in the company.[5] The Adtranz group (DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems after 1999) was bought by Bombardier Transportation in 2001;[6] the Wroclaw plant was merged with another Bombardier owned plant based in Łódź to form Bombardier Transportation Polska Sp. z o.o.[7] The plant manufactures the bodyshells of Bombardier locomotives[8][9] as well as other sub-components for the Bombardier Transportation group.[7]

In 2015 Bombardier contracted Panattoni Europe to construct an additional 18,357 square metres (197,590 sq ft) manufacturing hall, initially to be used for the construction of Deutsche Bahn's ICx trains.[10]

Products edit

The main products:

  • locomotives,
  • bodies,
  • frames,
  • running gear for locomotives.

Pafawag was the producer of first Polish modern "fast locomotive" EP09 .

Pafawag types edit

Type PKP type Years Produced
1E EP02 1953–1956 8
2E 1954–1956 9
1B/2B EW53 1954–1956 20
3E ET21 1957–1971 658
3Aw Bxhpi 1958-1960 600
3B/4B EW55 1958–1962 72
5B/6B EN57 1962–1994 1429
EU07 EU07 1965–1977 240
101N EN94 1969–1972 40
201E ET22 1969–1989 1184
102E EP08 1972–1976 15
201Ea EP23 1973 1
3WE EW58 1974–1980 28
5Bg/6Bg EN71 1976 20
104E EP09 1986–1997 47
6WE EW60 1990 2
5Bs/6Bs ED72 1993–1996 21
112E EU43 1996–1998 28

Adtranz-Pafawag types edit

PKP type Years Produced
ED73 1997 1
EU11 1998-2002 42

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References edit

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