Padre Las Casas, Dominican Republic

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Padre Las Casas is a municipality (municipio) of the Azua province in the Dominican Republic. It includes the municipal districts (distritos municipal) of La Siembra, Las Lagunas, and Los Fríos.[1]

Padre Las Casas
Padre Las Casas is located in the Dominican Republic
Padre Las Casas
Padre Las Casas
Coordinates: 18°44′N 70°56′W / 18.733°N 70.933°W / 18.733; -70.933Coordinates: 18°44′N 70°56′W / 18.733°N 70.933°W / 18.733; -70.933
CountryDominican Republic
 • Total496.98 km2 (191.89 sq mi)
 • Total40,545
 • Density82/km2 (210/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4
Area code(s)1 809/829

Padre Las Casas is located in the foothills of the Cordillera Central. The economy of the town is as a service depot for local farmers and farmers for quite a distance into the mountains to which it is the easiest point of contact. There is also a large service economy and an efficient bus cooperative that connects mainly with Azua and the towns along the way. Full-time employment for males runs about 50% but many males do some kind of work but much of this pays less than a dollar an hour, while entrepreneurs in retail and other small businesses may easily make the owner a 200–500 weekly income. The disparity is great even in the microcosm of this small town.


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