Pacific Title & Art Studio

Pacific Title & Art Studio was an American company founded in Hollywood in 1919 by Leon Schlesinger.[1] At first, it primarily produced title cards for silent films.[1] As talking pictures ("talkies") gained popularity in 1929 and 1930, Schlesinger looked for ways to capitalize on the new technology and stay in business, and as a result, the firm moved into general film editing and post-production work.

The company was sold in 2007 for US$23 million,[2] after which it "ran into hard times."[3] The 90-year-old company went into receivership and was expected to be liquidated.[3]

In December 2012, former CEO Phil Feiner–who had been operating PJF Productions in Burbank, California, as a privately owned business since 2008–acquired the "Pacific Title" name after learning that it had become available. PJF now does business using the "Pacific Title" name and its classic logo.[1]

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