Pa Togan Sangma

Pa Togan Sangma also known as Togan Sangma or Pa Togan Nengminja Sangma was a Garo tribe leader from Garo hills in North East India. In 1872, during the British occupation of Garo Hills in the present Indian state of Meghalaya

Pa Togan Nengminja and other Garo warriors attacked the British soldiers while they were sleeping. Roused from sleep by the cries of their comrades, the remaining British soldiers retaliated. It was a one-sided affair as the Garo warriors were ill-equipped. they suffered heavy losses and Pa Togan Nengminza died on the spot, succumbing to the british, who had guns unlike the Garo warriors. It may be noted that Pa Togan came up with the idea of using huge shields made of plantain stems to stop bullets as he believed metal would cool as soon as it hit the shield. Though, it did not work in the end.[1]


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