Płock Governorate

Płock Governorate (Russian: Плоцкая губернияя Polish: Gubernia Płocka) was an administrative unit (governorate) of Congress Poland.

Płock Governorate
Плоцкая губерния
Gubernia płocka
Governorate of Russian Empire
Coat of arms of Płock
Coat of arms
Plock in Russian Empire (1914).svg
Location within the Russian Empire
9,430.8 km2 (3,641.3 sq mi)
• 1897[1]
• Established
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Płock Voivodeship
Government General of Warsaw

It was created in 1837 from the Płock Voivodship, and had the same borders and capital (Płock) as the voivodship. In 1867 territories of the Augustów Governorate and the Płock Governorate were divided into a smaller Płock Governorate, Suwałki Governorate (consisting mostly of the Augustów Governorate territories) and recreated Łomża Governorate.

The Governorate consisted of eight counties (uyezds):

  • Ciechanowski
  • Lipnowski
  • Mławski,
  • Płocki
  • Płoński
  • Przasnyski
  • Rypiński
  • Sierpecki


Плоцкая губерния
  • By the Imperial census of 1897.[2] In bold are languages spoken by more people than the state language.

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