Përpjekja (meaning Endeavor in English) is an Albanian language quarterly culture and literary magazine published in Tirana, Albania.

EditorFatos Lubonja
CategoriesCulture magazine
Literary magazine
PublisherPerpjekja Center
FounderFatos Lubonja
Founded1994; 30 years ago (1994)
Based inTirana

History and profile edit

Përpjekja was first published in 1994.[1][2] Its founder is Fatos Lubonja.[2] He is also editor of the magazine,[3] which is published by Perpjekja Center on a quarterly basis in Tirana.[1][4][5]

Bashkim Shehu, Edi Rama, Ardian Klosi, and Shkëlzen Maliqi are frequent contributors to Përpjekja.[3] The magazine publishes short stories, poems and writings about literary and cultural criticism.[3] The quarterly also features articles on critical evaluations about political developments in the country[3] and about the views of contemporary philosophers and intellectuals such as Jürgen Habermas, George Steiner and Adam Michnik.[2]

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