Páirc Tailteann

Páirc Tailteann (Irish pronunciation: [ˌpˠaːɾʲc ˈt̪ˠalʲtʲən̪ˠ]) is a GAA stadium in Navan, County Meath, Ireland. It is the home of the Meath Gaelic football and Hurling teams. The ground has had a capacity of between 30,000[3][4] and 33,000,[5] but following a safety audit in 2011 the GAA reduced the authorized capacity to 10,000. This was later upped to 17,000. The county board in 2012 announced plans to refurbish the grounds.[6] In 2013 Meath county board introduced a ticket system [7] The name "Tailteann" alludes to the Tailteann Games, an ancient Gaelic festival held in Teltown (Tailtin) between Navan and Kells.

Páirc Tailteann
LocationNavan, County Meath, C15 XD83, Ireland
Coordinates53°38′59″N 6°41′38″W / 53.64972°N 6.69389°W / 53.64972; -6.69389Coordinates: 53°38′59″N 6°41′38″W / 53.64972°N 6.69389°W / 53.64972; -6.69389
Public transitMercy Convent bus stop,
OwnerMeath G.A.A.
Field size135 x 87 m

Páirc Tailteann is the venue of the annual Meath GAA club championship finals, the winners of which receive the Keegan Cup (for football) and the Jubilee Cup (for hurling). It is the principal G.A.A. stadium in County Meath. Recent redevelopments of the stadium include the installation of an electronic scoreboard to replace the old, manual scoreboard (the manual scoreboard can still be used in the event of problems with the electronic one) and the erection of floodlights.

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