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Oshunmare (known as Ochumaré or Oxumaré in Latin America) is an Orisha.[1][2] Osumare is the spirit of the rainbow, and Osumare also means rainbow in the Yoruba Language

Rainbow, Serpent, Regeneration, Rebirth
Member of Orisha
Other namesOsumare or Oshunmare; Ochumaré or Oxumaré
Venerated inYoruba religion, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism
Symbolpermanence, wealth
Colorpurple or burgundy, the rainbow
RegionNigeria, Benin, Latin America
Ethnic groupYoruba

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  • Nickels in the Nation Sack: Continuity in Africana Spiritual Technologies by Teresa N. Washington
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