Oxmantown or Oxmanstown (Irish: Baile Lochlannach, meaning "Scandinavian Homestead") is an area of Dublin, Ireland, situated on the Northside of the city between the River Liffey, the North Circular Road, and Smithfield Market. It is located in the Dublin 7 postal district.


At the time of the Norman invasion into Ireland, the Vikings, Ostmen or Austmenn (East-men), as they called themselves were exiled to the north of the River Liffey where they founded the hamlet of Austmanna-tún (Homestead of the Eastmen), later corrupted to Oxmantown.[1] The Irish language name Baile Lochlannach means "Scandinavian Homestead".

The district remained distinct from Dublin city for many centuries.

The heir apparent of the Earl of Rosse is styled Lord Oxmantown.

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