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Owzat is a 1997 CGI[1] short film created by Aardman Animations.[2][3]

Directed byMark Brierley
David Sproxton
Produced byPeter Lord
David Sproxton
Dave Throssell
Written byMark Brierley
CinematographyMark Brierley
Edited byRichard Atherton
Release date
Running time
4 minutes, 50 seconds
CountryUnited Kingdom


IMDb explains: "It's Ghosts vs. Skeletons one night in a churchyard cricket match. At the outset, it appears that the Ghosts' pitcher will best all of the Skeleton's batters. That is until one dandy steps up to bat and practically lays waste to the entire churchyard."[4]


The film format is a Betacam SP PAL[5] The CGI animating and modelling was done using Softimage 3D.[6]

The film was shown at the 1998 International Film Festival Rotterdam under the theme "exploding cinema",[7] and the 1998 Holland International Film Festival under the theme "Nieuwe media".[8]

The technique of pixilating actors wearing animated masks that Darren Walsh developed for the short was reapplied in the 26-episode series of one-minute shorts of Angry Kid, directed by Walsh.[9]

Critical receptionEdit

On IMDb, Owzat received a rating of 5.5/10 from 70 users.[4]


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