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The Overmaster is a DC Comics supervillain. He first appeared behind the scenes in Justice League of America #233 (December 1984), and was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton.

The Overmaster,
artist Chuck Patton
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceJustice League of America #233 (December 1984)
Created byGerry Conway
Chuck Patton
In-story information
Team affiliationsCadre
AbilitiesCosmic Awareness, undefined energy powers.


Fictional character biographyEdit

A 580 million-year-old alien who considered himself a celestial force beyond good and evil, with the purpose to "act when judgment has been passed". After judging a world unworthy, he would collect a sample of each species of the planet, then terminate all other life.


The Overmaster first appeared on Earth years ago, assigning the original Cadre to put the human race to a "test". The original Justice League defeated the Cadre, after which the Overmaster vanished. Years later, he returned, acting through heralds such as the Aryan Brigade, the New Extremists, and the Cadre of the Immortal.

Cadre of the ImmortalEdit

Finally making his presence known, the Overmaster selected villains from each of the groups to form a new powerful Cadre known as the Cadre of the Immortal. The Overmaster was incredibly powerful but not very imaginative. He then announced his intention to destroy the Earth in one week, erasing Central City from the planet and stopping all deaths and births across the globe as proof of his power. The Justice League invaded the Overmaster’s spacecraft and used its technology to reverse all effects of the Overmaster’s activities.


Overmaster was accidentally killed by Will Everett III, the second Amazing Man, after the Justice League member Ice had been killed by the villain. Following this event, the League moved into the Refuge, Overmaster’s space station, making it their new headquarters.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Overmaster’s exact powers are unknown. He has access to advanced technology and he has undefined energy powers.

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