Oudlajan (Persian: عودلاجان‎) is a historic neighborhood in Tehran, Iran. The neighborhood is surrounded by Pamenar Street, Cyrus Street (Mostafa Khomeini), Cheragh Bargh (Amir Kabir) and BozarJomehr Street (15 Khordad). Oudlajan, in addition to Arg, Dolat, Sangelaj, Bazar and Chalmeidan, constituted the Old Tehran during the Naser Aldin Shah era. Old Oudlajan consisted of 2619 houses and 1146 shops and was one of the biggest and wealthiest neighborhoods in Tehran.[1]


Most of the people living in Oudlajan were Jewish. In addition there were Zoroastrians living in Oudlajan. Many famous Iranian politicians such as Qavam family, Mostofi Family, Nasiroldoleh, Seyyed Hassan Modarres lived in Oudlajan. The houses with many rooms around a yard (with a small pool in the middle) were called Ghamar khanoom houses.

A Mosque in Oudlajan

Oudlajan was the wealthiest neighborhood in the Ghajar era and kept its status until the Pahlavi era. However with the big changes in Iranian society in 1340 AH it gradually lost its status. The biggest obstacle to Oudlajan today is the expansion of the Bazar neighborhood. This trend has changed Oudlajan from a wealthy neighborhood into a storage area for Bazar and many old houses were turned into places for addicts.[1]


The name Oudlajan in the historic Tati language means the 'place for dividing the water'. Some believe that Oudlajan means 'Abdullah Jan' (Dear Abdullah) in a Jewish dialect.

Remains of an old wealthy house

Before the spread of the Persian language, most people of Oudlajan spoke the Tati language.


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