Ottoman invasion of Persia (1906)

A Ottoman invasion of Persia took place in 1906 on the orders of the vali of Baghdad.[1] On 23 May, the Ottomans occupied Behik in Bradest.[1] By the end of May, Ottoman troops had occupied parts of Dasht and Mergaver districts, but not the settlement of Mergaver itself.[1] By the 13th of June, the Ottomans had occupied Serdasht and Bani.[1] Citizens of Khanakin were forced to take Ottoman passports and enlist in the Ottoman army.[1] 500 mounted Ottoman troops marched from Baneh into the Persian Luristan country and the districts of Seifi, Malkhatavi and Baghasi, burning crops along the way.[1] On 24 August, After protests were given by the Persian government, the Ottoman commander at Ban said he had no order to withdraw, and 2 days later the Ottomans were collecting Taxes near Urumia.[1] On 8 September, the Ottomans occupied Gangatchin and the district of Baradosl.[1] Ottoman troops subsequently occupied a strip of territory extending from a point south-west of Soujboulak to a point west of Khoi.[2] On 3 August 1907, Mergaver was occupied and 3 days later the Ottomans threatened Urmia.[3] The Ottomans were eventually expelled from Persia by the Russian Imperial Army in 1911.[4][5][page needed]


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