Otto II, Count of Scheyern

Otto II of Scheyern (some authors call him Otto III) (died 31 October 1120) was a son of Otto I, Count of Scheyern. His mother can not be unambiguously assigned because Otto I was married with a daughter of Count Meginhardt of Reichersbeuern and later with Haziga of Diessen (the widow of Count Herman of Kastl) and we don't know when Otto was born.

Otto II, Count of Scheyern
Died(1120-10-31)31 October 1120
Noble familyHouse of Wittelsbach
Spouse(s)Richardis of Carniola
FatherOtto I, Count of Scheyern
MotherEither Haziga of Diessen or a daughter of Meginhardt of Reichersbeuern


He was Vogt of Freising and from 1116 also Vogt of Weihenstephan.

Marriage and issueEdit

Otto II may have been married to Richardis, the daughter of Ulric I, Margrave of Carniola. They had four children:

  • Otto III (d. after 15 December 1130)
  • Eckhard III (d. after 11 July 1183)
  • Bernard II (d. c. 1135)
  • unnamed son

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