Otto Christian Blandow

Otto Christian Blandow (5 August 1778, Waren – 15 March 1810, Waren) was a German apothecary and botanist, specializing in the field of bryology.

He trained under Joachim Christian Timm (1734-1805) in Malchin, afterwards working as an apothecary in Rostock, Neubrandenburg, Anklam, Woldegk and Waren.[1]

The genus Blandowia was named in his honor by Carl Ludwig Willdenow (1765-1812).[1] Since 1875, a collection of his mosses has been kept at the British Museum of Natural History (250 specimens in 5 fascicles).[2]


  • Index muscorum frondosorum exsiccatorum: fasciculi primi [-quinti], 1804.
  • Systematisch-tabellarische Sammlung von Laubmoosen, 1808 – Systematic-tabular collection of mosses.
  • Uebersicht der Mecklenburgischen Moose nach alphábetischer Ordnung, 1809 – Survey of mosses from Mecklenburg in alphabetical order.[3]


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