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Ostara is a British folk music group, "described in the musical press as a neo-folk / pop music hybrid",[1] founded by Richard Leviathan (born Richard Levy) and Timothy Jenn, as a change of name and stylistic direction from their previous band, Strength Through Joy. Jenn left the band in 2001. Guitarist Stu Mason, drummer Tim Desmond, and former Bronski Beat/Communards bassist Dave Renwick left the band in 2010, as work was due to start on a new album. Leviathan is now the only member of the band. Finnish musician Kari Hatakka, known as the singer of the band Waltari, played synthesizers on some Ostara tracks.




  • Secret Homeland (2000)
  • Kingdom Gone (2002)
  • Ultima Thule (2003)
  • Immaculate Destruction (2005)
  • The Only Solace (2009)
  • Paradise Down South (2014)
  • Napoleonic Blues (2017)


  • Whispers of the Soul (2001)


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