Ossie is a nickname usually used in place of a given name such as Osama, Osman, Oswald, Oscar, Ossian, Osmond, Osbourne and Osvaldo. In Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, it is used as a diminutive for Joseph and Yousif. It may refer to:


Given nameEdit

  • Ossie Abeygunasekera (1950–1994), assassinated Sri Lankan politician
  • Osvaldo Ardiles (born 1952), Argentinian football manager, pundit and former player
  • Ossie Asmundson (1908–1964), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Ossie Bertram (1909–1983), Australian rules footballer
  • Ossie Blanco, 1970s baseball player
  • Ossie Bluege (1900–1985), American Major League Baseball player
  • Ossie Byrne (1926–1983), Australian record producer best known for his work with the early Bee Gees
  • Ossie Clark (1942–1996), British fashion designer
  • Ossie Davis (1917–2005), African-American actor and activist
  • Ossie Dawson (1919–2008), South African cricketer
  • Ossie Fraser (1923–1982), Canadian politician
  • Ossie Green (1906–1991), Australian rules footballer
  • Ossie Lovelock (1911–1981), Australian sportsman
  • Ossie Male (1893–1975), Welsh rugby union player
  • Ossie Moore (born 1958), Australian golfer
  • Oswald Morris (1915–2014), British cinematographer
  • Ossie Nicholson (1906–1965), Australian cyclist
  • Ossie Nortjé (born 1990), South African rugby union player
  • Ossie Ocasio (born 1955), Puerto Rican retired boxer and former world cruiserweight champion
  • Ossie Pickworth (1918–1969), Australian golfer
  • Ossie Schectman (1919–2013), American basketball player who scored the first basket in National Basketball Association history
  • Ossie Solem (1891–1970), American college football and basketball head coach
  • Ossie Vitt (1890–1963), American Major League baseball player and manager
  • Peter Osgood (1947–2006), English footballer nicknamed 'Ossie'


Fictional charactersEdit

  • Ossie Ostrich, on the Australian TV programs Tarax Show, Hey Hey It's Saturday and The Ossie Ostrich Video Show
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney for funny animal films in the 1920s and '30s

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