Ormond (steam automobile company)

The Ormond Steamer automobile was made by the United Motor and Vehicle Company of Boston, Massachusetts from 1904 to 1905.[1]

United Motor & Vehicle Company
Company typeAutomobile manufacturer
Founded1904; 120 years ago (1904)
Defunct1905; 119 years ago (1905)
HeadquartersBoston, Massachusetts,

They are not to be confused with the 1903 Ormond Motor Car Company of Brooklyn, New York which did not produce any cars.[1]

History edit

The Ormond Steamer used a 24-hp steam-engine with a flash boiler. Built as a large touring car with a canopy top, the company exhibited at the 1905 New York Automobile show. An estimated three to four cars were built under this marque.[2][3][1]

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