Orleans Territory's at-large congressional district

The Territory of Orleans was the name given to most of what is now the state of Louisiana (excluding that portion of the state which is west of the Sabine River). From 1806 until 1811, the Territory sent one non-voting Delegate (an "at-large" delegate) to the United States House of Representatives.[1]

Orleans Territory's at-large congressional district
Obsolete district
Created1806, as a non-voting delegate was granted by Congress
Eliminated1812, as a result of statehood as Louisiana
Years active1806–1812

List of delegates representing the district

Delegate Party Years Cong
Electoral history
District created
Daniel Clark
(New Orleans)
[data missing] December 1, 1806 –
March 3, 1809
Elected August 1, 1806 to finish the term.
Re-elected September 10, 1806 to the next term.
Lost renomination.
Julien de Lallande Poydras
(New Orleans)
[data missing] March 4, 1809 –
March 3, 1811
11th Elected in 1808.
[data missing]
Vacant March 3, 1811 –
April 29, 1812
12th No election was held in 1810, in anticipation of Louisiana statehood. Allan B. Magruder and Eligius Fromentin meanwhile served as "agents" in the U.S. House.[2]
District eliminated

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