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Origin, origins, or original may refer to:

Arts, entertainment, and mediaEdit

Comics and mangaEdit

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Brands and enterprisesEdit

  • Atos Origin, a company formed by the merger of BSO and Philips C&P (Communications & Processing) division
  • Origin Energy, an Australian gas and electricity company
  • Origin PC, a personal computer manufacturer
  • Origin Systems, a former video game developer
  • Origins (cosmetics), a plant-based skin care and fragrance company of Estée Lauder
  • Toyota Origin, a limited edition Toyota automobile released in Japan

Philosophy and religionEdit

  • Creatio ex nihilo, Latin for "creation out of nothing", a phrase used in philosophical and theological contexts
  • Creation myth, a symbolic account of how the world began and how people first came to inhabit it
  • Origin myth, a story or explanation that describes the beginning of some feature of the natural or social world
  • Origin story, or pourquoi story, a fictional narrative that explains why something is the way it is
  • Origins, a theological journal published by Catholic News Service (CNS)


Biology and medicineEdit

Computing and technologyEdit

  • Dalsa Origin, a digital movie camera
  • Origin (service), video game digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts
  • Origin (data analysis software), scientific graphing and data analysis software developed by OriginLab Corp
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM), any company which manufactures products for another company's brand name
  • SGI Origin 200, a series of entry-level MIPS-based server computers made by Silicon Graphics
  • SGI Origin 2000, a series of mid-range to high-end MIPS-based server computers made by Silicon Graphics
  • SGI Origin 3000, a series of mid-range to high-end MIPS-based server computers made by Silicon Graphics that succeeded the Origin 2000



  • Origin, a general point in time
  • Origin, an epochal date or event, see epoch
  • Origin, in astronomy, an epochal moment, i.e., a reference for the orbital elements of a celestial body

Other uses in scienceEdit

  • Origin, in cosmogony, any theory concerning the origin of the universe
  • Origin, in cosmology, the study of the universe and humanity's place in it


Other usesEdit

  • Origin, or genealogy, the origin of families
  • Origin, or etymology, the origin of words
  • Origin, or toponymy, the origin of place names

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