Orient Bay, Saint Martin

Orient Bay (French: Baie-Orientale) is a coastal community and beach on the French side of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. It lies on the east coast of the island.

Orient Bay
Orient Bay is located in Saint-Martin
Orient Bay
Orient Bay
Coordinates: 18°05′13″N 63°01′19″W / 18.08694°N 63.02194°W / 18.08694; -63.02194Coordinates: 18°05′13″N 63°01′19″W / 18.08694°N 63.02194°W / 18.08694; -63.02194
Overseas collectivitySaint Martin
A view of the Orient Bay

Until 1985 the area was undeveloped. The island suffered damage caused by Hurricane Luis in 1995, which was quickly repaired. The island also suffered considerable damage in 2017 by Hurricane Irma, which is slowing being repaired.

The beach at Orient Bay has become the most popular beach on the island. A section of the beach at the south end is frequented by naturists.