Orgaman Group

The Orgaman Group (French: Groupe Orgaman) is a food production and distribution company based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[3]

Orgaman Group
HeadquartersAvenue Lt-Colonel Lukusa, ,
Key people
Jean-Claude Damseaux (CEO)
Revenue100 million Euro (2013)[1]
Number of employees
2,932 (2010)[2]


The Orgaman Group is owned by the Damseaux family of Belgium.[1] Its chief executive officer is Jean-Claude Damseaux.[4]


The Orgaman Group was founded in 1931 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then known as the Belgian Congo.[4] It grew during World War II, as the DRC was cut off from Europe.[2] By 1961, the company was passed on to the founder's son, William Damseaux.[2] It was the main meat-processing and distribution company in the DRC in the 1970s and 1980s.[5]

In recent years, Congolese businessman Albert Yuma Mulimbi tried to purchase it, but he was put off by the Damseaux's asking price.[5] By 2013, the company had an annual revenue of 100 million Euro.[1] In 2014, the company shut down two frozen food distribution subsidiaries, Transmac and Mampeza, due to increased tariffs.[4]


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