Oregon's 47th House district

District 47 of the Oregon House of Representatives is one of 60 House legislative districts in the state of Oregon. As of 2013, the boundary for the district includes a portion of Multnomah County. It was formerly represented by Democrat Diego Hernandez of Portland who resigned in February 2021 amid an ethics scandal. His replacement will be decided in April.[1][2]

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District boundaries have changed over time, therefore, representatives before 2013 may not represent the same constituency as today. General election results from 2000 to present[3] are as follows:

Year Candidate Party Percent Opponent Party Percent Opponent Party Percent
2000 Joanne Verger Democratic 71.70% Christina Alexander Pacific Green 28.30%
2002[a] Jeff Merkley Democratic 93.03% Write-ins 6.97%
2004 Jeff Merkley Democratic 64.65% Frank Cleys Republican 35.35%
2006 Jeff Merkley Democratic 63.97% Bruce McCain Republican 35.66% Write-ins 0.37%
2008 Jefferson Smith Democratic 96.57% Write-ins 3.43%
2010 Jefferson Smith Democratic 62.39% Dee Flowers Republican 37.30% Write-ins 0.31%
2012 Jessica Vega Pederson Democratic 64.84% Maggie Nelson Republican 34.68% Write-ins 0.48%
2014 Jessica Vega Pederson Democratic 95.36% Write-ins 4.64%
2016 Diego Hernandez Democratic 66.91% Michael Langley Independent 32.82% Write-ins 0.27%
2018 Diego Hernandez Democratic 95.98% Write-ins 4.02%
  1. ^ Jeff Merkley was the incumbent in this election. He previously represented District 16, but was moved to this district due to redistricting following the 2000 United States Census.

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