Order of Merit (Portugal)

The Order of Merit (Portuguese: Ordem do Mérito) is a Portuguese Honorific Order of civil merit intended to award those responsible for meritorious acts or services performed in the exercise of any functions, both in the public and the private sphere, which reveal self-sacrifice in favor of the community. The decorations are given by the President of the Portuguese Republic, in his role as the Grand-Master of the Portuguese Honorific Orders. The Order of Merit can be awarded, during life or posthumously, to both Portuguese and foreign citizens; it can also be awarded to localities or institutions that are legal persons governed by public law or of public utility.[1] This order has been awarded to a number of people performing the most diverse functions such as ambassadors, businesspeople, military personnel, athletes and musicians.

Order of Merit
Ordem do Mérito
Order of Merit (Portugal).jpg
Plaque and badge of the Commander
Awarded by Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic
Established1927 as the Order of Instruction and of Benefaction
1929 as the Order of Benefaction
1976 Current form
EligibilityPortuguese and foreign citizens; military or civilian
Awarded forMeritorious acts or services in the exercise of any functions, public or private, revealing self-sacrifice in favor of the community.[1]
StatusCurrently constituted
Grand MasterPresident of the Portuguese Republic[1]
ChancellorMaria Helena Nazaré[2]
GradesGrand Cross
Grand Officer
Next (higher)Order of Camões
Next (lower)Order of Public Instruction
POR Ordem do Merito Medalha BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the Order of Merit


The Order of Merit has its origin in April 1927, when the Order of Instruction and Benefaction (Original Portuguese: Ordem da Instrução e da Benemerência) was created. The goal of this now extinct order was to distinguish the services performed by people or corporations in order to further the instruction in the country. In 1929, the Order of Instruction and Benefaction was split in two different orders, the Order of Benefaction and the Order of Public Instruction, with the former now solely awarding acts related to social causes, public assistance and goodwill. In 1976, the order was renamed to its current title.[3]


  •   Grand Cross (GCM) (Grã-Cruz)
  •   Grand Officer (GOM) (Grande-Oficial)
  •   Commander (ComM) (Comendador or Comendadeira)
  •   Officer (OM) (Oficial)
  •   Medal (MedM) (Medalha)
  • Honorary Member (MHM) (Membro Honorário)[4]

Citizens awarded with the Order of MeritEdit

Name Post-nominal Occupation Date appointed
Carlos Manuel Cabral Verissimo CommM Businessman 10 June 1990
José Cardoso Pires GCM Writer February 1989[5]
Ruy de Carvalho GCM Actor March 2017[6]
Mário Coelho ComM Bullfighter June 2005[5]
Nicolau Breyner GOM Actor June 2005[7]
Carlos do Carmo GOM Fado singer December 2016[8]
Valentim Loureiro ComM Politician, Major September 1989[9]
Raul Nery ComM Musician June 2012[10]
Peter Trickett ComM Scholar November 2010
Luso-Can Tuna MHM Tuna February 2014[11]
Bruno Alves, Eduardo Carvalho, Ricardo Carvalho, William Carvalho, Eder, Eliseu, José Fonte, André Gomes, Raphaël Guerreiro, Anthony Lopes, João Mário, João Moutinho, Nani, Rui Patrício, Pepe, Danilo Pereira, Vieirinha, Ricardo Quaresma, Cristiano Ronaldo, Renato Sanches, Adrien Silva, Rafa Silva, Cédric Soares as UEFA Euro 2016 winners ComM Footballers 10 July 2016[5][12]
Tsanko Arnaudov, Jéssica Augusto, Marisa Barros, Ana Dulce Félix, Vanessa Fernandes, Patrícia Mamona, Sara Moreira ComM Athletes 13 July 2016[5][13]
Fernando Pimenta ComM Canoeist 13 July 2016[5][13]
Salvador Sobral, Luísa Sobral ComM Musicians 23 April 2018[14]
Fernando Santos GOM Football coach 10 July 2016
Fernanda Freitas OM Portuguese journalist 10 July 2013
Jim Costa ComM Politician 8 June 1996[15]
Andrzej Duda GCM Politician 26 of February 2009[16]
Antonio Felix da Costa CommM Formula E driver 3 September 2020


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