Order of Merit (Cameroon)

The Order of Merit is an order of knighthood of the Cameroon.

Order of Merit
Ordre du Mérite Camerounais
Awarded forHigh services to the State
Presented by Cameroon
Ribbon bar of the order
Next (higher)Order of Valour
Next (lower)Order of Agricultural Merit

History Edit

It is regulated by the ordonnance N° 72/24 of 30 November 1972. It is one of the four orders of Cameroon:[1]

Insignia Edit

The ribbon of the order is yellow since 1972. It was made of red, yellow and green stripes earlier.

Grades Edit

The Order of Merit is subdivided into four grades of merit:

  • Grand Cordon
  • Commander
  • Officer
  • Knight

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  • "ORDONNANCE N° 72/24 DU 30/11/1972 Portant réorganisation des Ordres Nationaux et de la Grande Chancellerie de la République Unie du Cameroun" (PDF). Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform. Retrieved 13 April 2018.