Order of Distinction (Ottoman Empire)

The Order of Distinction or Order of Honour (Ottoman Turkish: نشانِ امتیاز) was an order of the Ottoman Empire founded by Sultan Abdulmejid I.[1] It was a higher honor than the Order of Glory and given to reward merit and outstanding services.[2] It was revived on 17 December 1878 by Sultan Abdul Hamid II.[1] This was the highest order in the Ottoman Empire.[3]

Order of Distinction
نشانِ امتیاز
Nişan-i Imtiyaz.jpg
TypeOrder of Merit
Awarded forOutstanding services
Country Ottoman Empire
Presented by
Coat of arms of the Ottoman Empire (1882–1922).svg
Ottoman Sultan
StatusNo longer awarded
Rib bar 2 of Order of State.png
Ribbon bar of the order
Next (higher)Not applicable (this was the highest order)
Next (lower)Order of Glory (until 1862)
Order of Osmanieh (after 1862)


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