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Orchidales is a botanical name of an order of flowering plants. In taxonomical systems, this is a relatively recent name as early systems used descriptive botanical names for the order containing the orchids. The Bentham & Hooker and the Engler systems had the orchids in order Microspermae while the Wettstein system treats them as order Gynandrae. Circumscription of the order will vary with the taxonomic system being used. Although mostly the order will consist of the orchids only (usually in one family only, but sometimes divided into more families, as in the Dahlgren system, see below), sometimes other families are added:


Circumscription in the Takhtajan systemEdit

Takhtajan system:

Circumscription in the Cronquist systemEdit

Cronquist system (1981):

Circumscription in the Dahlgren systemEdit

Dahlgren system:

Circumscription in the Thorne systemEdit

Thorne system (1992):

APG systemEdit

The order is not recognized in the APG II system, which assigns the orchids to order Asparagales.

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