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Orbea is a genus of flowering plants of the family Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1812.[1] It is native to Africa.[2][3]

Orbea schweinfurthii
Scientific classification

  1. Orbea abayensis (M.G. Gilbert) Bruyns - Ethiopia
  2. Orbea ciliata (Thunb.) L.C. Leach - South Africa
  3. Orbea cooperi (N.E.Br.) L.C.Leach - South Africa
  4. Orbea denboefii (Lavranos) Bruyns - Kenya
  5. Orbea distincta (E.A. Bruce) Bruyns - Tanzania
  6. Orbea dummeri (N.E. Br.) Bruyns - Uganda, Ethiopia
  7. Orbea halipedicola L.C. Leach - Mozambique
  8. Orbea huillensis (Hiern) Bruyns - tropical Africa
  9. Orbea irrorata (Masson) L.C. Leach - South Africa
  10. Orbea lepida (Jacq.) Haw. - South Africa
  11. Orbea longidens (N.E. Br.) L.C. Leach - Mozambique
  12. Orbea lutea (N.E. Br.) Bruyns - South Africa
  13. Orbea macloughlinii (Verdc.) L.C. Leach
  14. Orbea maculata (N.E. Br.) L.C. Leach - tropical Africa
  15. Orbea melanantha (Schltr.) Bruyns - South Africa
  16. Orbea namaquensis (N.E. Br.) L.C. Leach - South Africa, Namibia
  17. Orbea paradoxa (Verd.) L.C. Leach - KwaZulu-Natal
  18. Orbea prognatha (P.R.O. Bally) L.C. Leach - Somalia
  19. Orbea pulchella (Masson) L.C. Leach - South Africa
  20. Orbea rangeana (Dinter & A. Berger) L.C. Leach - Great Namaqualand in Namibia
  21. Orbea schweinfurthii (A. Berger) Bruyns - tropical Africa
  22. Orbea semota (N.E. Br.) L.C. Leach - Tanzania
  23. Orbea speciosa L.C. Leach - KwaZulu-Natal
  24. Orbea taitica Bruyns - Kenya
  25. Orbea tapscottii (Verd.) L.C.Leach - Botswana
  26. Orbea umbracula (M.D. Hend.) L.C. Leach - Zimbabwe
  27. Orbea variegata (L.) Haw. - South Africa
  28. Orbea verrucosa (Masson) L.C. Leach - South Africa
  29. Orbea wendlandiana (Schult.) G. Don - South Africa
  30. Orbea woodii (N.E. Br.) L.C. Leach - KwaZulu-Natal
formerly included[4]

moved to other genera (Pachycymbium, Stisseria )

  1. O. anguinea now Stisseria anguina
  2. O. bisulca now Stisseria bisulca
  3. O. bufonia now Stisseria bufonia
  4. O. clypeata now Stisseria clypeata
  5. O. conspurcata now Stisseria conspurcata
  6. O. curtisii now Stisseria curtisii
  7. O. decaisneana now Pachycymbium decaisneanum
  8. O. decora now Stisseria decora
  9. O. maculosa now Stisseria maculosa
  10. O. marginata now Stisseria marginata
  11. O. marmorata now Stisseria marmorata
  12. O. mixta now Stisseria mixta
  13. O. mutabilis now Stisseria mutabilis
  14. O. normalis now Stisseria normalis
  15. O. orbicularis now Stisseria orbicularis
  16. O. picta now Stisseria picta
  17. O. planiflora now Stisseria planiflora
  18. O. retusa now Stisseria retusa
  19. O. rugosa now Stisseria rugosa
  20. O. woodfordiana now Stisseria woodfordiana


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