Open Fiber S.p.A.[1] (formerly Enel Open Fiber S.p.A)[2] is an Italian telecommunications company.

Open Fiber
TypeSocietà per azioni
FoundedDecember 2015; 6 years ago (2015-12)
Area served
Key people
ProductsAccess network, core network, fiber-optic communication, telecommunications network

Open Fiber was established in December 2015, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian energy company Enel, in order to build an independent fibre-based access network.

In July 2016 the company acquired Metroweb Italia from F2i First Fund and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, a private equity fund and a sovereign wealth fund respectively. However, CDP also acquired 50% stake in Open Fiber.[3]

The company operates in the so-called "market success" clusters A and B as resolved by the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic on 4 March 2015, ie 282 municipalities in large urban areas by 2022. The areas chosen for the project are a subset of the 642 municipalities categorized as clusters A and B by the Government. Open Fiber, estimating a cost corresponding to less than half of that proposed by the competition, won all fourteen lots envisaged in the three calls for the "ultra-broadband plan" launched by Infratel Italia for the construction of the network in clusters C and D ie "white areas" with low population density. The plan provides for the implementation of FTTH optical fiber with speeds up to 1 Gbit / s for urban areas and agglomerations of housing units, while preparing FWA radio links for rural or impervious areas and scattered houses.[4]



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