Ontarjatra (Bengali: অন্তর্যাত্রা; Homeland) is a 2006 Bangladeshi drama film directed by Tareque Masud and Catherine Masud. Upon its release on 2006, the film achieved critical and commercial success. It won for Best Direction at International Film Festival Bangladesh in 2006. Special Jury Award at Osian's Cinefan Festival Delhi in 2006.

The Homeland
Directed by
Produced byTareque Masud
Written by
  • Tareque Masud
  • Catherine Masud
Music by
CinematographyGaëtane Rousseau
Edited byCatherine Masud
Distributed by
Release date
  • 29 January 2006 (2006-01-29) (United Kingdom)
Running time
85 minutes[3]
  • English
  • Bengali
  • Sylheti[2]


Ontorjatra (literally meaning "inner journey") is a Bengali intimate exploration of the complex issues of dislocation and identity in a diasporic world.[4] After 15 years in the UK, Shireen and her son Sohel return to their home in Sylhet, Bangladesh for the funeral of Sohel's father. For Shireen the homecoming allows her to make peace with her ex-husband and his family, for Sohel, the journey allows him to connect with a family and a "homeland" he has never known.[5]


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