Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians

The Ontario Association of Former Parliamentarians (OAFP) is a non-profit volunteer organization created to serve former Members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

Established by an act of the legislature in 2000,[1] the objectives of the association are:

  • to put the knowledge and experience of its members at the service of parliamentary democracy in Ontario and elsewhere
  • to serve the public interest by providing non-partisan support for the parliamentary system of government in Ontario
  • to foster a spirit of community among former parliamentarians
  • to foster good relations between members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario and former parliamentarians
  • to protect and promote the interests of former parliamentarians

The association is strictly non-partisan[1] and has former members from all three political parties serving on its board of directors.


The association publishes a quarterly newsletter, The InFormer.[2]

It is developing a variety of educational tools to assist in advancing awareness of the parliamentary form of government. It also acts as a central clearing house for former members seeking information from various departments of the Legislative Assembly.

The association has formed a relationship with similar groups of former parliamentarians in Quebec and Manitoba and, ultimately, is working towards the development of a global association of former members of state or provincial governments.


The current board of directors includes:[3]

Title Name
Chair Rev. Derwyn Shea
Vice-Chair Gilles Morin
Secretary Karen Haslam
Treasurer Murad Velshi
Director Steve Gilchrist
Director John Hastings
Director Lily Oddie Munro
Director John Parker
Director Joe Spina
Director David Warner


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