Ono no Minemori

Ono no Minemori (小野 岑守; 778–830) was a Japanese administrator, kanshi poet and historian of the early Heian period.


Ono no Minemori was born in 778.[1] He was the third son of Ono no Nagami [ja], the fuku-shōgun [ja].[2]

He was a trusted attendant of Emperor Saga from the time the latter was crown prince.[3] In 808 he was promoted to the position of tōgū shōji (春宮少進),[1] and went on to serve in positions such as shōgeki (少外記)[1] and shikibu shōyū (式部少輔),[1] as well as serving in various provincial governments such as those of Ōmi Province,[1] Mino Province,[1] Mutsu Province,[1] Awa Province,[1] and ultimately, in 822,[3] vice-governor of the Dazaifu (大宰大弐 dazai no daini).[1]

He demonstrated his skill as an administrator the following year[3] when, he introduced reforms allowing the farming of government-owned rice paddies in the Dazaifu to relieve the burden of the peasants under his administration.[2] He also directed the construction of the Zokumyō-in (続命院), a rest stop for visitors to the Dazaifu.[3]

He was the father of Ono no Takamura.[1]

He died on the nineteenth day of the fourth month of the seventh year of Tenchō (14 May 830 in the Gregorian calendar).[2]


Ono no Minemori was one of the compilers of the Ryōun-shū, an anthology of Japanese kanshi (poems in Classical Chinese)[1] and drafted the preface to the collection.[1] Thirteen of his poems were included in the Ryōun-shū,[1] eight in the Bunka Shūrei-shū,[1] and nine in the Keikoku-shū.[1] Their shared poetic skill brought him in contact with the monk Kūkai.[4]

In his later years, he helped compile the Nihon Kōki, one of the so-called Six National Histories.[1] He also participated in the compilation of the Dairi-shiki [ja].[3]

Many of his poems were composed on the direct orders of the Emperor of Japan,[1] notably Emperor Saga.[1] His poetic style shows the influence of Six Dynasties poetry.[1]


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