On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate

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On Tat Estate (Chinese: 安達邨) and On Tai Estate (Chinese: 安泰邨) are public housing estates in Anderson Road, Tai Sheung Tok, Sau Mau Ping, Kwun Tong District and the parts of Development at Anderson Road. The former comprises 11 blocks with totally 9,356 units [1]while the latter comprises 11 blocks with totally 8,561 units.[2]

On Tat Estate
On Tai Estate
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On Tat Estate
General information
LocationSau Mau Ping
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Coordinates22°19′15″N 114°14′07″E / 22.3207°N 114.2352°E / 22.3207; 114.2352Coordinates: 22°19′15″N 114°14′07″E / 22.3207°N 114.2352°E / 22.3207; 114.2352
CategoryPublic rental housing
No. of blocks22
No. of flats17,917
AuthorityHong Kong Housing Authority


The site of the estates was formerly a vegetated hillslope below Anderson Road. Under the "Development at Anderson Road" (DAR) project, the site was reformed under the supervision of the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to provide approximately 20 hectares of useable land. In addition to site formation, the DAR project included the construction of supporting infrastructure, including roads, drains, and engineered slopes. The buildable land was allocated for public housing development as well as supporting government, institutional, and community facilities.[3] The DAR project, which cost HK$3.4 billion, was formally completed in December 2016.[4]

The public housing component of the project, originally intended to provide 16,100 units for 48,000 people, was completed from 2016 to 2018. The housing blocks comprise On Tat and On Tai estates, which are located at either end of the dumbbell-shaped DAR site. They are linked by On Sau Road, which runs the length of the site and connects to New Clear Water Bay Road in the north and Po Lam Road in the south.


On Tai Estate

On Tat EstateEdit

Name[5] Type Completion
Yan Tat House Non-standard 2016
Lai Tat House
Oi Tat House
Chun Tat House
Hau Tat House
Ching Tat House
Sin Tat House
Chi Tat House
Shing Tat House
Yin Tat House
Him Tat House

On Tai EstateEdit

Name[6] Type Completion
Ming Tai House Non-standard 2017
Chi Tai House
Yung Tai House
Kam Tai House
Kui Tai House 2018
Wo Tai House
King Tai House
Hang Tai House
Tak Tai House
Fung Tai House
Shing Tai House


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