Oldham Brewery Ltd was an English brewery based in Oldham Lancashire. It was founded in 1868.

History Edit

The Brewery (Albion Brewery, Coldhurst Street, Oldham) was built close to the town centre by the Stott family of architects.

Beers Edit

The company brewed and sold OB branded beers:

  • OB Bitter
  • OB Mild
  • OB Pale Ale
  • OB Old Gold
  • OB Brown Ale
  • OB Oldham Stout
  • OB Old Tom
  • Kaltenberg Lager
  • Rhinegold Lager

There were numerous OB tied public houses in and around the Oldham area.

Later history Edit

The brewery was sold to Boddington's in 1982 and brewing in Oldham stopped soon afterwards. Boddingtons itself was sold to Whitbread in the 1990s and the OB Brand disappeared from sale.

More recently, Robinson's Brewery bought the brand in 2006 and OB Bitter can be found on sale in some Robinson's pubs, and as a guest beer in some others.