Old Baron of Rautakylä

Old Baron of Rautakylä (Finnish: Rautakylän vanha paroni, Swedish: Gamla baron på Rautakylä) is a Finnish silent horror film made in 1923, written and directed by Carl Fager and produced by Erkki Karu. The film is based on the novella Gamla baron på Rautakylä and the play Efter femtio år, both written by Zachris Topelius.[1] The film premiered on April 1, 1923 at the Kino-Palatsi cinema in Helsinki, Finland.

Old Baron of Rautakylä
The Finnish DVD cover
Directed byCarl Fager
Written byCarl Fager
Based onGamla baron på Rautakylä by Zachris Topelius
Produced byErkki Karu
StarringEinar Rinne
Adolf Lindfors
Naimi Kari
CinematographyFrans Ekebom
Edited byFrans Ekebom
Release date
  • April 1, 1923 (1923-04-01) (Finland)
Running time
79 minutes

Old Baron of Rautakylä is the very first Finnish horror film ever made.[2][3][4] It was filmed at Suomi-Filmi's Vironkatu studio in Helsinki and at the Herttoniemi Manor in the Herttoniemi district.[3] The film footage of the film has survived, but the intertitles and original screenplay have lost.



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