Old-Age Insurance (Agriculture) Convention, 1933 (shelved)

Old-Age Insurance (Agriculture) Convention, 1933 (shelved) is an International Labour Organization Convention.

Old-Age Insurance (Agriculture) Convention, 1933 (shelved)
ILO Convention
Date of adoptionJune 29, 1933
Date in forceJuly 18, 1937
This Convention has been "shelved".
ClassificationOld-age, Invalidity and Survivors Benefit
SubjectSocial Security
PreviousOld-Age Insurance (Industry, etc.) Convention, 1933 (shelved)
NextInvalidity Insurance (Industry, etc.) Convention, 1933 (shelved)

It was established in 1933:

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to compulsory old-age insurance,...


This concept contained in the convention were revised and included in ILO Convention C128, Invalidity, Old-Age and Survivors' Benefits Convention, 1967.


Prior to its shelving, the convention had been ratified by 10 states.[citation needed]

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