Okrestina Detention Centre, Akrestsina Detention Centre, officially, the Criminal Detention Centre of the Minsk Executive Committee’s Main Internal Affairs Directorate (Belarusian: Цэнтра ізаляцыі правапарушальнікаў ГУУС Мінгарвыканкама, Russian: Центр изоляции правонарушителей ГУВД Мингорисполкома), is a pre-trial detention centre in Minsk, Belarus. The prison is known as a detention centre for activists of the Belarusian opposition arrested during mass protests against the authoritarian regime of president Alexander Lukashenka.

Criminal Detention Centre of the Minsk Executive Committee’s Main Internal Affairs Directorate
Prison cell Akrestsina, Minsk .jpg
Okrestina Detention Center
Security classCriminal Detention Centre
Managed byMinsk City Police Department
Street address1-y zavulak Akrescina, 36
Country Belarus


The prison is most commonly referred by its informal name Okrestina (Russian: Окрестина) or Akrestsina (Belarusian: Акрэсціна, official transliteration: Akrescina) derived from the name of the street where it is located (which is in turn named after Soviet WWII ground-attack pilot, hero of the Soviet Union Boris Okrestin [ru]).


Protester shows bruises from tortures at Okrestina, 2020

According to numerous reports, many protesters arrested during the 2020 Belarusian protests, are tortured in Okrestina by soldiers of the OMON.[1][2][3][4]

Many were beaten and in some cases seriously injured. At least three detainees suffered injuries indicative of sexual violence in Okrestino or on the way there. The victims were hospitalized with intramuscular bleeding of the rectum, anal fissure and bleeding, and damage to the mucous membrane of the rectum.[5]

On the night of August 13-14, 2020, relatives of people detained in Okrestino recorded the sounds of incessant beatings that could be clearly heard on the street. Several voices can also be heard on the recordings, screaming in pain and begging for mercy. One released inmate reported that those who begged officers not to be beaten were beaten even more severely.[6]

On 11 October 2020, a video recording went public showing prisoners being chased through the ranks of police and security forces in Okrestino and being continuously beaten.[7]

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