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The Okinawa Arena, also provisionally known as the Okinawa City Multi-Purpose Arena[1], is an indoor arena under construction[2] in Okinawa City, Japan. It will be one of the venues of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Okinawa Arena
Okinawa Arena.png
Okinawa Arena is located in Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa Arena
Okinawa Arena
Location within Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa Arena is located in Japan
Okinawa Arena
Okinawa Arena
Okinawa Arena (Japan)
Full nameOkinawa City Multi-Purpose Arena
LocationOkinawa City, Japan
Coordinates26°19′58″N 127°47′01.1″E / 26.33278°N 127.783639°E / 26.33278; 127.783639Coordinates: 26°19′58″N 127°47′01.1″E / 26.33278°N 127.783639°E / 26.33278; 127.783639
Building details
General information
StatusUnder construction
GroundbreakingSeptember 25, 2018
Estimated completion2020
Cost¥17 billion
Technical details
Floor count5
Floor area26,200 m2 (282,000 sq ft)
Other information
Seating capacity10,000


Plans to build the Okinawa arena were made as early as 2015.[3] In 2016, it was announced that the sports venue will be built over the site occupied by the Okinawa City bullfighting ring next to the Koza Sports Park. Sachiyo Kuwae, the city mayor, unveiled the master plan for the 10,000-person-capacity multipurpose arena on 12 July 2016.[4] The facility will have five stories above ground[5] and will have a parking area for 1,000 vehicles.[4]

The Okinawa Arena will have a total area of 26,200 m2 (282,000 sq ft). Its estimated total cost, including its parking facilities, is 17 billion yen.[5]

Demolition of the bullfighting ring was planned to commence in 2017 and was followed by the construction of the arena building itself.[3] The groundbreaking ceremony took place on September 25, 2018 and is planned to open by September 2020.[6]


Building site

The Okinawa Arena is planned to be the home venue of the Ryukyu Golden Kings professional basketball team and is also meant to the primary events venue of Okinawa City.[4]

It will be Japan's sole venue in the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup which will also be co-hosted by the Philippines and Indonesia.[7]


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