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Oke (name)

Oke is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Alan Oke, British tenor, who began his career as a baritone, making the transition to tenor in 1992
  • Assogba Oké (1903–1973), Beninese politician and diplomat
  • Charles Cunningham Oke (1894-1967), 2nd. Lieut. British Army, First Newfoundland Regiment Infantry, 1st. Battalion, one of the "Blue Putees" of the First Five Hundred, deployed to Gallipoli in World War I, awarded riband with 1914-1915 star, War Pensions Officer, Superintendent of the Main School of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (St. John's, NL)
  • Elizabeth Baker Oke (1826-1908), trained at The Home and Colonial School Society (Gray’s Inn Road, London), served as an Anglican missionary (1851-1880) in Moose Factory, Hudson's Bay (Ont.) and supervised the girls school, married John Horden (May 28, 1851), who became the first Anglican Bishop of Moosonee (December 15, 1872)
  • Femi Oke (born 1966), British television presenter and journalist
  • Harris R. Oke (1891-1940), veteran of World War 1 in the 1st Battalion, Newfoundland Regiment and 11th (Service) Battalion, Royal Scots, and served in the North Russia Relief Force during the Archangel Campaign. Became Colonial Secretary, The Gambia, British West Africa (1934-1940) and served for extended periods as its Acting Governor and Commander-in-Chief. He fell ill while participating in a strategic war conference at the Government House in Lagos, Nigeria in November 1940 and was given a military funeral with full honors
  • Isaiah Oke (born c. 1940), Nigerian shaman
  • Major J. M. Oke, inventor of the Churchill Oke tank used in World War 2
  • Janette Oke (born 1935), Canadian author
  • John Beverly Oke (1928–2004), North American astronomer, professor at the California Institute of Technology and associate director of Hale Observatories, who developed methods to analyze light emitted by fast-receding objects located billions of light-years away
  • Leslie Warner Oke (born 1877), Canadian farmer and political figure
  • Philip Jesse Oke, sponsored by the Society for Nautical Research to draw plans of the last British coastal craft that were still propelled by sail and oar in the 1930s. A seaman in the Merchant Navy, he was killed in World War II
  • Robert Oke (1794-1870), first Chief Inspector for the Newfoundland Lighthouse Service (1855 to 1870), published a 64-page book of early lighthouse designs in 1861, installed the first light mechanism (from Bell Rock) at the Cape Bonavista lighthouse in 1842, installed the famous Isle of May light mechanism at the Cape Pine lighthouse in 1850, which was later moved to Harbor Grace Island and finally to Cape Bonavista
  • Robert "Bob" Oke, served in the U.S. Navy for 26 years, elected to the Senate in 1990 and re-elected three times (Washington State), recognized for battling the tobacco industry. A Washington State pheasant hatchery, The Bob Oke Game Farm (Centralia, WA), was named after him and the third Tacoma Narrows Bridge, opened in 2007 for eastbound traffic, was dedicated in his honor
  • Scott Oke (born 1993), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Tosin Oke (born 1980), Nigerian track and field athlete
  • William Austin Oke, Esq. (1857-1923), Owner, Munn & Oke, Ltd., publisher of The Harbor Grace Standard newspaper, Liberal member of the Newfoundland House of Assembly (elected 1897, 1900, 1904), then Judge of the District Court, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland

Given name:

  • Oke Akpoveta (born 1991), Nigerian professional footballer
  • Oke Smith (born 1894), professional American football player
  • Elizabeth Oke Buckland Gordon (1836-1919), author, daughter of William Buckland, D.D.,F.R.S (Dean of Westminster, twice president of the Geological Society of London, and first president of the British Association); married to Rev. Henry Doddridge Gordon (1833-1897), Vicar of Harting and prebendary of Chichester Cathedral