Ohel Shem

Ohel Shem (Hebrew: אהל-שם‎) is an Israeli secular high school located in the city of Ramat Gan. It has about 1,550 students studying in 45 classes, from ninth to twelfth grade, and about 160 teachers and 40 staff.

Ohel Shem
High School
Rokach 118


TypePublic secondary school
PrincipalIsrael Vilozni
FacultyApprox. 160
EnrollmentApprox. 1550
Ohel shem.JPG
Ohel Shem high school, the main building

The campus contains, in addition to the classrooms, a library, a community center (Eshkol Paiss) comprising an auditorium and chemistry, physics, biology, biotechnology and robotics laboratories, a gym, cafeterias, sports fields, lawns and trees.


The school has many special projects, such as unique classes and trends, the school's newspaper, "Dugri", the website project (the school's site is built by students only), theater productions of the theater class, the students band, and the teachers band.

The school is part of the MUN project.


The school was founded as a private institution in 1934 by Dr. Alexander Kohler, who also founded the Gymnasia Balfour in Tel Aviv in 1931. Until 1944 Ohel Shem included both primary and secondary education classes.

The school was located in a small building on a hill in Bialik Street until 1961 when it moved to its present location on Smadar Street.

Israel Artzi was the administrator and principal of the school until his death in 1978. Between 1985 and 1978 the principal was Dr. Issy Kahana. Between 1989 and 1986 Mira Hemo ran the school followed by Dr. David Singer (1995–1990), Adam Kenigsberger (1996–2010). The current principal is Shmuel Keynan (Reserve Brigadier General, ICT force chief from 2005 to 2008). In September 2005 Adam Kenigsberger was awarded the title of "excelling district principal".

Attitude towards religious activitiesEdit

The secular Ohel Shem High School has denied its students permission to pray on school premises. An average of 15 students participate in the mincha service, but when the principal stopped them, more students who were not even interested in praying joined them in protest against the school's anti-religious policy.[dubious ]

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