Ōgami Island (大神島, Ōgami-jima), Ōgami dialect: Ukam, is one of the islands of the Miyako Islands. It is about 4km north of Miyako-jima (island) and belongs to Miyakojima City, which was created in 2005 by a merger of many smaller towns on the island chain. Before the merger, it belonged to Hirara City. The area is 0.24 km2, and the population is 35.[1]

Ōgami Island
Native name:
Ōgami-jima (大神島)
Aerial view of Ōgami-jima
Ōgami Island is north of Miyako Island, and east of Ikema Island
LocationOkinawa Prefecture
Coordinates24°54′59.4″N 125°18′28.6″E / 24.916500°N 125.307944°E / 24.916500; 125.307944
ArchipelagoMiyako Islands
Total islands1
Area0.24 km2 (0.093 sq mi)[1]
Population35[1] (2019)
Pop. density145.83/km2 (377.7/sq mi)
Ethnic groupsRyukyuan, Japanese

Transportation edit

The island has no airport and is not connected by bridge to any other island. The only way to reach it is by boat. There are four round-trip boat rides per day.[2]

Population edit

Settlements are concentrated on the south coast of the island, near the port. There is also another settlement near the center of the island, at the highest point.

Economy edit

The island's economy is based on fishing, with dried octopus being a specialty. In recent years, the island has tried to promote tourism by setting up a tourism website.

Demographics edit

The population of the islands is approximately 35 people, most of whom are elderly.[3] The island's population is expected to decrease as residents age.

Language edit

Older residents speak the Ōgami dialect,[4] a dialect of Miyakoan that is phonologically different from other Miyakoan dialects. Like Miyakoan itself, the dialect is in danger of dying out as younger residents do not speak it.

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References edit

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